Saturday, October 07, 2006

Flaming sambuca

Last night, at my friend's place, we were talking about some drinks, mentioning ouzo, and out of our chat we found out that friend has a few years old bottle of sambuca... (that 'few years old' part is enough to say that it had to be opened!:)
Even althought I knew that sambuca is sweet licorice flavoured liquor (with many other herbs in addition to licorice), thus similar to ouzo, I wanted to taste it. I could never know that there are so many differences between ouzo and sambuca! Ouzo is excellent liquor, but sambuca is sweeter, with pretty rich taste and palate!
Althought it is 40% high, it tastes like 20% liqueur! It glides down the throat like sweetened water! It is "dangerous"! :D
Anyway, we continued our chatting while sipping sambuca... Not even a minute passed, when our chat returned to sambuca, with an old ritual of adding three coffee beans in the glass of sambuca and setting the drink on fire! We could not find coffee beans, but we didn't want to give up from setting it on fire! So, we tried, and tried, and tried... And we made it!!
Oh, what a great blue flame, licking the surface of the drink, licking the rims of the glass! I am sorry for lack of images; they were not good enough to post them, as they don't show the real beauty of that picture!
When flames started changing from light blue to light yellow, we set off the flames and drank our drinks in one gulp! I just can't describe that wave of heat and pleasure, while heatened liquor glides down the throat! You have to try that out! ;)
cheers! ;)


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